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Message from CEO/President

Not a few “Shinise” ,companies with long history on making social values as well as long term prosperity, have faced with tremendous issues in current rapid-moving and dynamic economical situation.

“What is our next strategic priority for future success?”
“Where is a new opportunity for substantial demand to maintain healthy growth?”

It is inevitable for you
to survive in severe competitions to take a leap in current environment.

Meanwhile, demand and expectation from outside have exceedingly increased
and these will definitely widen the possibility of business success for Shinise companies.

“We should challenge in countries abroad”
“We should grab a chance outside this country as well”

words and motivation alone do not make any success. That is why you need a trustworthy and professional partners.
“We make your challenge into your outcome “

Lets take a small initial step for long-lasting successful future together.
Best regards,

GIFT corporation CEO Yushi Ikeda

MEMBER Introduction

  • Rui Inagawa
    Rui Inagawa
  • Harunobu Tamura
    Harunobu Tamura
  • Alex
  • Iida Shogo
    Iida Shogo
  • GIFT
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